Image – Development

Today we were given a word at random to create a collage to represent, mine being “Captive” using the skills we developed in the collaging workshop and our Photoshop skills we had to represent this as an A3 poster.

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Here is some of my research and ideas displayed in mind maps and sketches to represent the direction I was thinking of taking this project in, after feedback from ray mid way through I decided to take the route of my second idea using eyes of animals that were generally kept captive to create an imposing composition.

27371b7cdaf2a83160acec26766883f6 - Copy

Thinking about how I could use my collaging techniques in this design I decided to use wire as a fence to further represent the captivity in relation to animals.

1776c712254f639109569428ab23d6c5 - Copy


During my first week we also completed some work based on collaging, a topic on which I was issued some exercises to complete. I enjoyed the freedom collaging gives you, along with the ability to merge anything you see and forming your own creative links between the aspects you find.

I created and expanded on a few pieces of collage throughout the activity, following the advice of ray and (Add name) a professional illustrator, I experimented and came up with a few collages, incorporating drawing, folding, cutting, and sticking to create a variation of different designs at landscape and portrait orientations.


Here I experimented with replacing aspects of imagery without losing the idea of what the original image was to see how far I could go, if not entirely replacing the main design and using similar shapes to replicate each aspect.


Here I have experimented with a 3D aspect, by folding and standing pieces up or making them hang off the main image I found I could bring a different depth to my imagery.
I also wanted to see how the addition of drawing could affect the image, it seemed to provide more punch with it’s stand out line work and contrast well with certain imagery to fill gaps in my collages.


During my first Workshop on Tuesday which was based around Adobe Photoshop skill levels and a small set of techniques and processes. Some of the processes were just a re-capping and refreshing session for me although I have learnt a more effective way to create Concentric Circles.

The Glacier MenThis is the poster is the result of my workshop exercise, techniques I used were, Text pathing, Opacity changes,  Texture overlays, Clipping masks, Repeated patterns, and concentric circles.

I also participated in an Illustrator workshop on Wednesday, a program in which my abilities are not as diverse as in Photoshop, in which most of the techniques Matt provided us with tutorials on were new to me.

Untitled-1One technique we used in creating our info graphic that I managed to attune myself to quicker was the repeated pattern, I used my knowledge of the same technique in Photoshop to create my repeated pattern, I learnt the the use of the varied amounts of brush tools and creating pie charts and manipulating them into an art form.
I felt like these basic skills have aided in creating a better understanding of Illustrator and the scenarios where I would opt to use it over Photoshop due to the different graphic file format and lossless image scaling Photoshop doesn’t                                                                   provide.