Mind your own Business – Advertisements

In preparation for our sales event, we had to create advertisements on social media and throughout the university to bring attention to the Mind your own Business sales event as a whole as well as our individual products.


we contacted reception in the heart space and asked them to add a few of our promotional images to the projector queue in the heart space.

I also prepared pricing lists to be displayed on sales day, as well as printing stickers to be used when sealing our product packaging.

Price Liststickers price



Narrative – S4C Ident

I was tasked to make the ident for our group, the group idea was to have it fade in before the storyboard and we wanted to have something patriotic on the Ident so our idea was to use the welsh flag on one side of the blue S4C cut off.

Here is the ident that I made.

Mind your own Business – Sales Event Prep

To prepare for our sales event we had to create a stand of some kind to display all of our products and have an organised station to work from as throughout the day of the sales event.

Here is a time-lapse that I made to show the process of laser cutting our logo that we super glued onto our stand.

After I laser cut our logo, I decided it would be best for us to make the logo stand out by spray painting it with the colours of our logo in an embossed style to make it stand out as a centrepiece for our stand.


This is how our stand looked when it was completely assembled and spray painted.

Mind your own Business – Digital stitch

Today I completed a digital stitch workshop in order to create an embroidered logo design onto the uniforms we will be wearing during the sales event on December 1st.


here are a few of my attempts at digitally stitching one of our initial logo designs at different sizes to find the optimal size when stitching into our uniform. this method is a bit rough looking compared to printing on the shirts but is also a free alternative.

Mind your own Business – Business Cards

This is the business card design that I came up with for our branding, I felt that I reflected the use of our product without overcrowding the business card or making it unclear about what we are selling, but still providing visuals that would make you think about following the contact information to see more about the product.




I felt that keeping our card simple with a stand out intriguing design was the best way forward after researching business cards. The ones I found online and see around University are always very bland, boring and have never provoked me into picking one up because of this.
We were given very positive feedback from other students on the business card design and felt that this design was the one we were going to get printed.
We came across a problem when printing the business cards, The print studio in Uni completely messed up our printing and gave us bent business cards printed poorly and with a piece of our border cropped off, the manager refused to take responsibility and claimed “It’s hard for me to cut rectangles out” so we ended up resorting to trimming up the cards ourselves with a guillotine, and having to compromise by losing the border on our cards.

Narrative – S4C Mood Boards

Today I met with my S4C group to discuss how we wanted to go about making a storyboard for our S4C ideas, we wanted to start off by making individual mood boards and then deciding which of our ideas we all like the best before creating a storyboard.

picnic moodboard.jpg

My idea for the storyboard was going to be based on a community picnic with welsh themed food and surroundings so I decided to make mood board to convey how I wanted it to look, I decided Cawl, bara brith, welsh cakes, welsh rarebit and regular picnic food could be an iconic set of foods to use.