Field Final Review (3)

I feel that this year I have enjoyed the field projects most of all, they provided me with new skills across the board as well as improving my problem solving and communications skills. I feel as though I am much better at working in groups, and can communicate with team members a lot better.

The projects have provided me with translatable skills that I will be able to further implement into my subject and constellation modules. The mind your own business project provided me with a better understanding of how design work would be used after I create it, which also helps me tailor the way I approach the creative process to the project that I am working on.

Mind your own business has helped me an incredible amount with my organisational skills, which will help the way I approach business ventures in the future, I feel as though I will be able to plan my process and follow out my plans in a thorough manner that will improve productivity and efficiency when designing as well as planning.

The Designs n’ Snow project helped me learn plenty of new digital skills that I will be able to implement into future designs that I create, learning the unreal engine would help me to create interactive designs that I can learn to code and distribute online would be an innovative way of displaying work, and something I intend to complete.

Also the designs n’ snow project gave me access to virtual reality, and three dimensional design spaces, which were very inspiring, the ability to contribute to a collaborative design at the same time as other artists in real time, seeing how other’s create and express themselves is something that I would really like to see happen more often in the future of design itself.

Overall I think field has been the most productive and useful set of projects that I have experienced as a designer and as a person, they have provided me with necessary life skills as well as the ability to create in unique and different ways than I have previously been used to. I will carry forward all the skills and techniques I have learnt into my future graphic design work, as well as using the product design, textiles, and architecture skills in innovative ways to boost the previous skills I possessed.

I feel that being able to merge disciplines in my own personal work as well as when I work with others will be good practice for creating unique ideas and pieces of work throughout my career as a graphic designer which should hopefully open up new possibilities for me as I progress forward.

I have also found that personally, I prefer working with members of other disciplines opposed to graphic designers, because looking at the way other artists process and think helps me get past any creative blocks that I get when I start to find my projects a bit stale, monotonous or uninspiring, which makes me a lot happier, and brings out the best of my creative senses.



Designs n’ Snow Field Review (2)

Throughout my Designs n’ Snow field module, and our trip to Austria I have learnt many new skills and have been introduced to theories and concepts that have broadened my creative aspirations.

On our trip to Austria, I learnt how to snowboard, and after a series of presentations from multiple different architects from across Europe, I have learnt a lot about the architectural and 3D design process. I learnt the most effective ways to share 3D models between peers and clients, which is something our group has been doing after returning. I was introduced to the innovative BIMX software that the big time architects are promoting as their sharing platform and how it is progressing from the general use software and transfer methods we usually use.

We also learnt how to use some software in order to create our 3D virtual reality representation of the hochfuegen ski resort. We learnt multiple techniques in Sketchup and Unreal Engine to create our virtual environment.
we learnt how to model terrain and buildings in sketchup then implement them into Unreal and then proceed to apply textures to these creations, creating tree brushes and textures to apply to a google maps overlay so that we have the correct scale and location for all of our components.

We learnt how to make a snow particle effect, make our character in unreal move as if they were on a snowboard or skiing by adding increased velocity accompanied with less surface friction as they moved across our terrain. We implemented the default gun in Unreal Engine and incorporated a more well themed alternative in the form of a snowball cannon. We also learnt how to create our own texture materials from our own sketches, and how to create a day/night cycle in our virtual environment which could be used as a way to find out which ski routes would have light at certain times of the day and used as a planning system for anyone using the resort.

I feel like I learnt a lot of new techniques that could definitely be used and related back to my field, the use of textures and 3D design is something that is heavily used in modern graphic design and will definitely help me bring a new aspect of creativity to my future designs, and let me tackle alternative briefs with my new skills.

I think in the future if I improved these skills alongside the work I do in subject then this knowledge could definitely give me the edge over other designers limited to more 2D work, providing this extra dimension is becoming necessary in modern work to make you stand out as an innovator. As well as being something I have been interested in for a long time this will help me with the experimental work I create in my own time allowing me to use my previous photoshop skills in tandem with my newly found texture creation and modelling skills to help in situations such as branding examples and real life product placement examples.

Designs n’ Snow – Day and Night cycle

Today we worked on creating a day and night cycle for our VR experience, it was quite a complicated process and we decided to look online to help us complete this task. we completed it in the end but only had one issue that we couldn’t really resolve and that was that the sun was setting and rising on the opposite side that it was meant to, but the feature itself worked quite well.


Designs n’ Snow – Foliage

Today we learnt how to create 3d models from sketches and jpeg images, we started by using trees seen as there were a vast amount of trees surrounding the resort in hochfuegen. we encountered a glitch in combination with the day and night cycle that the outlines of the trees started to glow when it turned to night, but we felt that this was a positive in lighting up the slopes so that they were easier to view at night time, similar to the way the resort lit up the slopes occasionally for night skiing.


Designs n’ Snow – Project Development

Today we carried on with the modelling of the buildings by adding the circular bar and shop as well as some of the main hotel area that we had our meals at night inside.
positioning some of the buildings on the terrain map was awkward at some points due google maps not always having up to date imagery so we had to improvise on some of the locations and positioning.


Designs n’ Snow – Chalet Modelling

Today we started by using a program called Unreal Engine to import some models of some of the buildings that we came across during our stay in Hochfuegen. We began by creating chalet model as there were many of these chalets and they could be re used and rotated rather than having to make multiple copies of almost Identical chalets.

we layered these chalets with a texture that was a sketch of the outside of the chalets, we also added an effect to play the noise of a fire burning when you entered a certain radius of the chalets as well as smoke clouds coming out of the chimney to give off a more realistic effect.


Designs n’ Snow – Environment

Today we imported a google maps image of the hochfuegen resort into a program called sketch up in order to create a terrain map and model for our VR experience that will later be uploaded into the unreal game engine and will form the basis of our experience, models of the buildings, and the trees will hopefully be added later on into our process.