Constellation PDP Year 2

Analysis of my constellation sessions and how they benefit me going forward in my subject discipline.

Throughout my constellation sessions, I feel that I have gained a lot of valuable information when it comes to aiding in my development as a graphic designer. Throughout my sessions in the ‘Post Anthropomorphic Practices’ I wasn’t too fond of the 5 hour lectures because it became tedious after around 2 hours, I enjoyed the interactive element of the lectures, working in groups to complete tasks felt rewarding and it was a good laugh to spice up the session a bit.
Everything in the way of texts was very interesting but I would have preferred more lectures of shorter duration.

The first group task we had was to create a timeline story from the perspective of something that isn’t alive. The item we were given to write about was a sachet of Beecham’s cough drink powder, we talked about the cycle of life that it has when being consumed but we wrote the story in the perspective of a superhero battling the evil bacterial dust in the body as a means to relate the theories to the item.

My term two essay, and the theories I researched along with the ideas that were sparked whilst writing definitely gave me a new perspective on the way I will approach my creative process in future, viewing the theories of creation and destruction in graphic design was very beneficial to me and has influenced me to add it to my current proposal topics for my dissertation.

These theories were helping me apply the studies back to my subjects because I didn’t really find that many of the topics could be easily related back to graphic design, but the specific few I found very interesting, they really helped me look at the ways society sees trends in art, or just in life itself with progressing technologies.

Another concept I liked the idea of was materials being domesticated or wild, some can be captured and contained and is seen in the same way, this wasn’t something I felt like using for my essay but I really liked the idea of that thought process and how it is very apparent during your everyday life after you think about it.

Progressing on to my essay the topic I chose was ‘How can I analyse the acts of Creation and Destruction and implement them into the evolution of graphic design?’

My idea was to investigate the way that acts of Creation and Destruction affect our world in relation to the practice of graphic design and Tim Ingold’s (The temporalities of things 2010) Bringing Things to Life: Creative Entanglements in a World of Materials. I feel like analysing the full extent of how exactly the temporary work of a graphic designer, and the creation and destruction this work results in affects the world across its lifetime, could really help me progress as a designer and learn how to make more impactful and long lasting work when implementing theories into my subject work.
I feel like I can view this topic in a perspective in which I can begin to further understand the effects I can truly have on the world within my own practice, and the effects of the ways this has already been done in my practice previously over the years.

I concluded that the acts of creation and destruction will always be affecting graphic design drastically, even if people aren’t thinking about it in the sense of this theory, the progression of artistic expression will never be a constant, there will never be a stagnation in style as long as creative minds are prospering throughout the field, constantly creating and experimenting will develop into new styles, inspire others to follow suit and develop an infinite amount of brand new artistic movements.
Old styles will inevitable gain their resurgence, re appear with abstractions or completely fade out of relevance, all due to the creation of other designers, which is an incredibly positive and inspiring thing to think about knowing that as long as our minds and personalities are free to flourish, there are no limits to our creative potential as designers and human beings in general.
Thanks to destruction and Creation the evolutionary process of graphic design will forever be limitless and ever changing.

After my study group we progressed on to dissertation proposals in which I have decided to combine my essay from the first term with a previous essay on the human reach, and look at how they affect graphic design and modern societies which I decided to title ‘How does technological advancement and the theory of human reach affect the discipline of Graphic Design?’

My dissertation is going to take the form of a 6000 word analysis, accompanied with an artefact.

I will be investigating the way graphic design is used in modern societies, the range it can communicate within, and how it is aided with technological advancements. I want to see how these technologies have implemented change and progression in the discipline of graphic design.

I’m very interested in this topic because these ideologies are something I have personally tried to implement into my work throughout university, and has made me feel that analysing new ways to implement my graphic design will help me progress, and gain a better understanding of the demographics in modern societies and how to appropriately reach them.

I feel that if I successfully approach this topic, then it will be a massive boost to my preparation towards becoming a professional graphic designer, personally I am very in favour of using different technologies and mediums in my designs, in the past I have incorporated the use of virtual reality into a work piece and it definitely helped my understanding of progression in design, obviously this isn’t used as often as other methods but provided me with a basis of understanding.

I intend on finding more readings for my dissertation, but the reading I currently have is very interesting and is continuously providing me with new information that is provoking a lot of new research on my side.

Going into the future I need to contact my dissertation tutor, and check the Uni library to see if I can find some more relevant research and information that will help me narrow down my dissertation concept to a concise and well planned out study.



Post Anthropocentric practices – Provocation

How we are entangled amongst non-human material and ecological worlds and temporalities.

Prologue: Caught playing games with leaves and water

Using a tap is taming the wildness of the water, although it is latently wild and wants to escape, there is no control when you smash a glass of water it spreads everywhere, and creates a new surface.

Materials or Materiality?

The distinction between chaotic and wild, Chaotic is unpredictable but wild is something that is out of OUR control.

Chaotic is disordered, a problem, unpredictable, we want to control it


Materials are wild- they do what they want, we have to work with materials, we have to contain them, restrict them. If the containment breaks, they come alive.

We Control, Manipulate, Impose and Make 

Tim Ingold’s ‘Making’ text – What is being argued? What is being Proposed instead?

Ingold Thinks that we should think of materials as an agency rather than the object they are perceived as. He is arguing that changing of forms don’t need human intervention saying that creation isn’t an innately human function and nature can create within itself.
He is proposing an alternative ideology of perception in regards to hylomorphism and that practitioners try to impose the visions internal to their mind upon the material world.

An artefact (Pot) is grown within a mesh work of relations.

Tim Ingold’s ‘Bringing Things to Life’

What does he mean by the words ‘Thing’ and ‘Object’? What is being Argued? What is being proposed instead?

If we talked about an object as if it was a thing/experience which is an intertwining connection between nature rather than an object, something you can separate or use to furnish a room.

everything is an object until it becomes a Thing, for example a house is just an object until you live in it, then it becomes a thing

Object – The object presented as finished, taken out of it’s processes of life.

Thing – The object with it’s gathering of lives, it’s thinginess / hybrids of materials things animals humans etc.


Material – Plastic
Colour – White
The spoon is only the way it is because of gravity
it is a mould of melted down plastic
able to function in certain ways but not others
can withstand high temperatures
would snap if you tried to use it for heavier foods such as ice cream
disposable usually for one time use