Field Final Review (3)

I feel that this year I have enjoyed the field projects most of all, they provided me with new skills across the board as well as improving my problem solving and communications skills. I feel as though I am much better at working in groups, and can communicate with team members a lot better.

The projects have provided me with translatable skills that I will be able to further implement into my subject and constellation modules. The mind your own business project provided me with a better understanding of how design work would be used after I create it, which also helps me tailor the way I approach the creative process to the project that I am working on.

Mind your own business has helped me an incredible amount with my organisational skills, which will help the way I approach business ventures in the future, I feel as though I will be able to plan my process and follow out my plans in a thorough manner that will improve productivity and efficiency when designing as well as planning.

The Designs n’ Snow project helped me learn plenty of new digital skills that I will be able to implement into future designs that I create, learning the unreal engine would help me to create interactive designs that I can learn to code and distribute online would be an innovative way of displaying work, and something I intend to complete.

Also the designs n’ snow project gave me access to virtual reality, and three dimensional design spaces, which were very inspiring, the ability to contribute to a collaborative design at the same time as other artists in real time, seeing how other’s create and express themselves is something that I would really like to see happen more often in the future of design itself.

Overall I think field has been the most productive and useful set of projects that I have experienced as a designer and as a person, they have provided me with necessary life skills as well as the ability to create in unique and different ways than I have previously been used to. I will carry forward all the skills and techniques I have learnt into my future graphic design work, as well as using the product design, textiles, and architecture skills in innovative ways to boost the previous skills I possessed.

I feel that being able to merge disciplines in my own personal work as well as when I work with others will be good practice for creating unique ideas and pieces of work throughout my career as a graphic designer which should hopefully open up new possibilities for me as I progress forward.

I have also found that personally, I prefer working with members of other disciplines opposed to graphic designers, because looking at the way other artists process and think helps me get past any creative blocks that I get when I start to find my projects a bit stale, monotonous or uninspiring, which makes me a lot happier, and brings out the best of my creative senses.



Digital Me – Application Email


This is my speculative email that I will be sending to my tutor as well as my CV as a application for work experience in his hypothetical design company ‘Portobello’

Hi Ian,

My name is Liam Mullen, I am a second year graphic communication student currently studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

I have found myself incredibly intrigued by Portobello design over the recent weeks, and have been following your work on Instagram and twitter religiously.
I love the innovative ways you combine landscape photography with quirky typographical designs and illustrations, and feel that I could learn so much by working alongside you.

I have studied, and become extremely passionate about design over the past four years and would relish the opportunity to gain experience working with a professional design team, therefore I wanted to enquire about the possibility of gaining a workplace opportunity at Portobello.

Below I have attached my CV and a link to my online portfolio which displays the work I have created throughout my second year at University, any feedback would be heavily appreciated.

I look forward to hearing back from you,
Kind Regards

Liam Mullen


3rd Year’s Exhibition

These are 3 pieces that stood out to me during the 3rd year’s exhibition.


This piece caught my eye because it’s taking a positive twist on something that would only usually be displayed in a negative setting. This piece had some very interesting content and caught my interest very quickly, a captivating piece that holds your attention and keeps you reading.


I really liked the eye catching yet structured design, the bold use of colours really draws you in and captures your attention. some of the text wasn’t easily readable (Red background with black text) but the rest stood out very


I really liked this minimalist branding style, the clever use of typography on all the different pieces of card, shows flexibility in the design and shows the possibility of becoming a very broad and iconic design.

Digital Me – Review Tutorial

Today in my review with Neil we discussed my progression of my CV and portfolio and decided that I was on track with both of them, I just needed to find some inspiration because all the portfolios I had previously seen didn’t really inspire me or give me any ideas at all.

We did speak about Neil’s company PAWB that are paving the way in modern design and not operating from a physical studios, all the designers work as a collective across the globe. Pawb is something I expressed interest in becoming a part of and look forward to seeing them progress.



Digital Me – Portfolio Development

This is the start my portfolio design for the digital me project, I wanted to keep it quite minimalist and very to the point, looking at online portfolios a lot of them felt very cluttered and lacked focus so I wanted to keep mine organised and easy to navigate.

I wanted to start off by establishing who I am and how to contact me, as well as links to my social media profiles as well as my blog. I will be adding projects to this in the future but I think this could be a solid start to this project.