First things First – Research

After researching the first things first manifesto’s 1964 and 2000 I have been thinking about the main point that designers talents go to waste creating the same old designs for the same old boring products and think that there could be opportunity for me to make my poster a more inspirational and encouraging piece of design.

I think if I follow the idea of making designers want to identify themselves by the innovative and unique designs that they incorporate into the world it would make designers want to embrace new ideas rather than sticking to the same old clients asking for the same old basic day to day shit that advertisement is bombarded with these days, you wouldn’t want to be known as the guy who made that logo for the dog food brand you’ve never heard of would you, but who wouldn’t want their work to be the face of the newest technological advancement of the world, your designs showing the world that you mean business through your ability to stand out from the crowd. who says it even has to be in advertisement, the manifesto’s aren’t limiting design to advertisement, you could represent something nobody even knows about in other ways, the basis of my idea to progress through this project is to encourage designers to design for the better and improve design itself with their work rather than imitate others with generic content.



First Things First – Poster Changes

Referencing my feedback I decided to switch a few things around on my poster composition, I changed some of the colouring on the text to make it easier to read, there was a legibility problem with black text over the duo tone image, I also re arranged some of the text in order to make the piece flow a little better, there were some distracting shapes forming in the gaps between the text that were inhibiting my hierarchy.


web bannerfinish

First Things First Poster/Reflection

During this task we were assigned to create a two colour poster that incorporated the use of the duo tone effect on Photoshop, as well as some custom expressive typography and a version of the poster displayed as another form of digital media.

My goal with this piece was to express the words visually but also display my message through the basic text and voice the parallel set of meanings displayed throughout, for example using the Typography I created in Photoshop to display some of the main impact words, yet still displaying the same meaning across the basic text which reads “Designers should not imitate” which I feel displays the ideas and preferences of the future generations act and the first thing first manifestos.

A2 poster2

I felt that this design for the poster correctly matched the brief and  incorporated the feedback I was given during the course of the task from Ray and David, after altering and experimenting with the colour, text size, and quantity I felt much more comfortable with my finished piece.

Here is my web banner design, I feel that it keeps in style despite the variation and size differences in the pieces, and don’t feel like the piece loses any of it’s impact due to this.

I am happy with both of my pieces, and feel that the ability to display the design in multiple forms highlights it’s design flexibility and is a very positive aspect of my work.

web bannerfinish




First Things first – development


I was toying with some possible quotes and designs after my expressive typography and image, and some of the topics and focal points that I could base my work on to help me gather some basic ideas to possibly delve deeper into.

This is the piece I originally came up    A2 poster
with and received feedback from my
Tutors and Peers on, before deciding
to make alterations to my work.

After deciding what I would like the
final outcome of my design to look
like, I decided I would keep the same
style when creating my digital media
I felt that I could get the most out of
my design by turning it into a web
banner due to its stand out colours
and bold nature.

First Things First – Image Workshop

The first of the two workshops that we had to prepare us for our first things first poster brief was our imagery workshop, we were introduced to the way you create duo tone imagery which would be essential to our project due to the fact that we were set a limited amount of colours for this process.

We were encouraged to experiment with duo tone using images of our hands and objects we thought we could create an interesting composition with, I decided to use a bottle and experiment with it’s transparency and contrast it with darker duo tones on my hands and used a selection of shapes to create variation and brightness changes within the composition, here is a piece that I created in result of the workshop.


First Things First – Expressive Typography

In our second workshop relating to our first things first brief, we were exploring expressive typography and how we could further implement this into our current brief, we were shown a clip of Stephen Fry saying “He was so famous, simply for the way he dressed.” and tasked to represent this in the way we felt he said the sentence.


I think this was definitely a good starting point in getting us to describe how we perceive things in a much more personal ways, and helping us communicate our emotions better is something that I value immensely on my course to becoming a better graphic designer.

We then proceeded to implement this technique on some previously researched quotes that we came up with in relation to the first things first manifesto’s and what we believe to be a statement that future generations of designers should stand by. and quotes that would possibly make it into our final piece for this project.


My piece is the “Designing for the better” on the left of this image, A quote that I later used as a basis to create a less generic statement to go into my final piece.

Cross Collaborative Project

During the past week I have been taking part in a collaborative field project, my group consisted of a Product Designer, Illustrator, Ceramicist, and a Graphic Designer (Myself) in a project where we were tasked to create a manifesto and a Power point presentation based on what we personally think an art school is supposed to be, an the rules we would implement if we were the coordinators of our own art School.

Collaboratively we came up with a manifesto;

  1. Art is Equal.
  2. Although we are equal, as artists we are not the same.
  3. The only limits in life are the ones that you set for yourself.
  4. Art should be fun and enjoyable.
  5. Don’t get hung up on expectations.

We also produced a prototype concept as collaborative piece of art to reference our ideas for an art school, which related to our presentation.

IMG_2676 (1).JPG
We aimed to highlight importance of collaboration and feedback between your course peers and other those working among other professions, because their work can possibly influence yours and help you make improvements upon it.

Here is the power point presentation that we came up with to evaluate our aims.