Digital Me – Application Email


This is my speculative email that I will be sending to my tutor as well as my CV as a application for work experience in his hypothetical design company ‘Portobello’

Hi Ian,

My name is Liam Mullen, I am a second year graphic communication student currently studying at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

I have found myself incredibly intrigued by Portobello design over the recent weeks, and have been following your work on Instagram and twitter religiously.
I love the innovative ways you combine landscape photography with quirky typographical designs and illustrations, and feel that I could learn so much by working alongside you.

I have studied, and become extremely passionate about design over the past four years and would relish the opportunity to gain experience working with a professional design team, therefore I wanted to enquire about the possibility of gaining a workplace opportunity at Portobello.

Below I have attached my CV and a link to my online portfolio which displays the work I have created throughout my second year at University, any feedback would be heavily appreciated.

I look forward to hearing back from you,
Kind Regards

Liam Mullen



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Graphic Communications student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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