Global Steps – Final Presentation

Here is our group’s presentation that we presented to the client and our peers before our one to one review with just the client.



Global Steps – Certificate

Another requirement of our brief was to create a certificate which also had to have contained the logo that I had previously made, I wanted to keep my certificate in theme with the rest of the branding that I had created so I carried on with the circular theme that I had started with.


We weren’t given any of the specifics for what had to be on the certificate so I improvised with the text, I put appropriate text for an awarding certificate as well as lorem ipsum in place of where the specifics would be.

I wanted the background to have circle designs similar to the logo and following my research I felt that the background design needed to be at a lower opacity than the logo design so that I wouldn’t draw attention away from the writing on the certificate.

Global Steps – Certificate Research

In order to create an appropriate certificate for the global steps program, I needed to research modern certificate designs to see what works these days, as certificates are something that I have never had to design before.
The best things about these certificates that I have researched are the designs are very eye catching but don’t completely distract my attention from the writing on the certificates.


Global steps – Final Logo

Global Steps Logo.jpg

This is my final logo design for the global steps project, I felt that it was reflective of what the clients have asked for in our two feedback reviews and was definitely an improvement on my previous designs, and could also work with interchangeable colours, and also fits the other requirements the client asked for which is for it to work in black and white and to be easily read when scaled up or down.

Logo Colour & Greyscale.jpg

Global Steps – Logo Progression

After our second review at the temple of peace, and receiving feedback from Susie, I decided to change up one of my designs to better fit the needs of the clients.
They liked my segmented circle design but wanted to see what it looked like with the writing on the inside and rather than picking complimentary colours or black, to try colour alternatives.
the feedback I
I thought that it would be a good idea to try using a colour gradient and trying a darker colour opposed to black. Here are some of the designs where I incorporated I received to produce what I think has potential to be close to my final outcome.

Global Steps Logo 2Global Steps Logo 3Global Steps Logo 4

Penguin Book Cover – Front cover

This is my front cover design for the ‘In cold blood’ book cover, I wanted to display the connotations of death with the noose, as well as the background of the red ‘X’ illustrations that I used to mark the dead family members on the back cover image.

I was really inspired by the use of red and black contrast so I decided to use this with the text on the front cover in a stand out pure white. I wanted to keep the design minimalist to try and and invoke intrigue to entice readers.