Designs n’ Snow – Environment

Today we imported a google maps image of the hochfuegen resort into a program called sketch up in order to create a terrain map and model for our VR experience that will later be uploaded into the unreal game engine and will form the basis of our experience, models of the buildings, and the trees will hopefully be added later on into our process.



Designs n’ Snow – Travel Briefing

Today in our meeting with John Counsell we went over our travel plans again, got given our tickets for the flight to Innsbruck, informed on when to arrive at uni for travel to Gatwick airport. we also went over our meal plan for the night we arrive at the resort in case we arrive after the restaurant closes, we were all assigned one item to bring in order to be able to have a group meal.
Whilst we sorted the meal plan we also went over any allergy issues and made sure than nobody brought peanut or egg based products with us on the trip.

Designs n’ Snow – Project Briefing

Today was our first day back after the Christmas holidays and we were getting briefed on our travel plans, what we would be doing while we are in Austria, and the project that we would be starting when we return from our trip.

While we are in Austria we will be snowboarding and skiing, as well as exploring the Hochfuegen resort in order to map it out for a virtual reality experience on our return.