Mind your own Business – Field Review (1)

This has currently been my favourite project in University. I feel like it’s provided me with a whole new outlook for my future in graphic design, and has definitely given me more motivation in general.

Branding my own product was definitely an enjoyable experience opposed to creating for someone else, it was a good learning experience being on both sides of the design process, and gave me a lot more freedom to tailor the creative process based on my own opinions gave me a more broad range to work with.

Learning the business planning and marketing sides of design really put into perspective how my subject work would be further applied after I submit it to a client. working with students from other disciplines was an eye opening experience, and learning from other’s and the way they go about their creative processes.

This project drastically helped my organisational skills, learning how to work in a larger group with every member doing different tasks was a lot different to managing a group of graphic designers because we usually all contribute to the same goal, collectively monitoring each persons’ progress was good practice for working in unnatural working environments, we also had to collectively manage money and delegate roles between members of the team.

Reflecting back on the project I feel like we tackled it really well, we made a good profit after re paying the 100 pound float that we started with, worked extremely well as a group and complimented each other’s strengths and weaknesses by delegating the jobs accurately and communicating well.

We also conducted our sales day very well, we had a combination of packaging, advertising, conducting sales, and logging sales, we covered everything we needed to and flowed well as a team. We didn’t come across any problems at all throughout the sales event, and any stock we didn’t sell at the event was sold later through our social media page on Facebook.

I feel like I have gained multiple¬†skills that I can translate into subject and any further work that I create, and skills that will also help me further ahead in life if I decide to pursue any sort of business ventures. Learning from the experiences of members from other groups and students who have previously completed the ‘Mind your own business’ helped us start the project.

Hearing about any past problems other students had made us devote ourselves to proper communication within the group, so that if anyone had any problems or questions that they needed help with, at least one member of the group was there to assist them or confirm anything that needed to be known.

All in all I was very happy to take part in such an inspiring and productive project, and I would definitely take part in any similar projects given the opportunity to, because I feel that projects that encourage problem solving are a big change from repetitive and dull design briefs that I have had currently this year.



Mind your own Business – External Pitch

Today was our pitch to an external panel, as a group we all felt that this went incredibly well, we all engaged actively with their questions and talking points. they really liked our ideas and what we had done with the project.

This was the the power point presentation that we presented to the external board.


Penguin Book – Idea Development

I decided to start off  with my back cover, I wanted to create an interesting image that conveyed the murder of the family without directly using typography on it.
I felt that the best way to do this was to use images of the family and then alter the images. I felt that drawing an ‘X’ over the faces of the deceased family members would work for this.

back cover.jpg

Mind your own Business – Sales Day

Today was the Mind your own Business group sales day in the B Block heart space, from 9 am to 5 pm. this was our only window to sell the products in this space and was all in all a very enjoyable and productive experience.


This was how we set up to begin the sales day, in the end we managed to sell out of most of our products, conducting some sales through Facebook over the week after the sales event. we made sure to keep track of all sales on a spreadsheet to accurately sum up our profits and figures to be used later on our business plan.