Penguin book – In Cold Blood Research

To begin my research for the penguin book cover competition I decided to watch the film ‘In cold Blood’ to gain a better understanding of the book that I would be designing the cover for.

After watching the film I decided to look at some of the previous book covers for ‘In cold blood’.

these covers use the colour red very heavily to emphasise the death in the story which pairs quite well with black and white.

In Cold Blood

some covers used the house and it’s location in Kansas as the main focus of their covers which I didn’t think looked very good or conveyed the tone of the story very well at all and wasn’t remotely intriguing.

I think that my design is going to take a more darker tone and focus on the main act of the film, which is the murder of the family.


Mind your own Business – Quality Control

Today was the day that we wanted to round off the completion of everyone’s tasks prior to the sales event on the first of December, so we all gathered in the stitch room to help finish up the last of our products.


This involved sealing the last of the tool rolls, making sure all the finished ones had no defects, (loose threads, holes, loose stitches) and that all the sealed ribbon ends weren’t going to fray. after completing our quality control checks we decided to create some product showcase videos for our Facebook page.

we thought this would be a good idea because it gives people the ability to decide which design they would like beforehand.

Mind your own Business – Advertisements

In preparation for our sales event, we had to create advertisements on social media and throughout the university to bring attention to the Mind your own Business sales event as a whole as well as our individual products.


we contacted reception in the heart space and asked them to add a few of our promotional images to the projector queue in the heart space.

I also prepared pricing lists to be displayed on sales day, as well as printing stickers to be used when sealing our product packaging.

Price Liststickers price


Mind your own Business – Sales Event Prep

To prepare for our sales event we had to create a stand of some kind to display all of our products and have an organised station to work from as throughout the day of the sales event.

Here is a time-lapse that I made to show the process of laser cutting our logo that we super glued onto our stand.

After I laser cut our logo, I decided it would be best for us to make the logo stand out by spray painting it with the colours of our logo in an embossed style to make it stand out as a centrepiece for our stand.


This is how our stand looked when it was completely assembled and spray painted.