Brand World – Brand Identity PDF

Here is my Brand identity PDF1234567


Mind your own Business – Recreate

We decided that the cheapest and most economical solution to creating our tool cases was to use recycled and re purposed materials from Recreate, a centre in Cardiff that specialises in recycled materials and all sorts of different bits and bobs that can be re used. As a group we all visited recreate and found plenty of materials that would be perfect for the individual tailored style we want to establish our brand as.
We got all of our materials for a very cheap price, considerably cheaper than anywhere online and also found a few items that were hidden gems and brought new ideas to light by rummaging around the endless supply of materials they had on offer.

Mind your own Business – Elevator pitch

Today we completed our 16 second elevator pitch with the field tutor Richard Morris, we began by presenting him with our mock up business card and each had a 4 second segment to speak in, it went alright for our first pitch and considering the minuscule time frame we had to convey our product to Richard.

we obviously missed out a few pieces of information that would have been helpful but made sure that we got the key points across and we felt that we gave a confident pitch.

Mind your own Business – Logo and Tag line

Today in Field we decided on the Tag line for our business before finalising it along with our Logo.

Here is the progressive steps of our logo process.

This was the first logo we came up with before finalising what our business was, we concluded that this one didn’t really express the style of our product although it did represent our brand values so we decided it would be best to create a softer design with less sharp lines and to go for a more slick feel.


I feel that this design I created just acted as a stepping stone to help me progress towards a more concise style. We feel that the rounded design brings the logo together, and will be something that will aid our physical branding process. We intend to stamp our logo and a more compact design will make this much easier for us to achieve.


This design also provided a bit of a boost in the right direction when it came to making the logo feel more well rounded and that we didn’t need to add to sections too much, as long as it all felt like there was nothing missing without overcrowding it we were happy.


Post Anthropocentric practices – Provocation

How we are entangled amongst non-human material and ecological worlds and temporalities.

Prologue: Caught playing games with leaves and water

Using a tap is taming the wildness of the water, although it is latently wild and wants to escape, there is no control when you smash a glass of water it spreads everywhere, and creates a new surface.

Materials or Materiality?

The distinction between chaotic and wild, Chaotic is unpredictable but wild is something that is out of OUR control.

Chaotic is disordered, a problem, unpredictable, we want to control it


Materials are wild- they do what they want, we have to work with materials, we have to contain them, restrict them. If the containment breaks, they come alive.

We Control, Manipulate, Impose and Make 

Tim Ingold’s ‘Making’ text – What is being argued? What is being Proposed instead?

Ingold Thinks that we should think of materials as an agency rather than the object they are perceived as. He is arguing that changing of forms don’t need human intervention saying that creation isn’t an innately human function and nature can create within itself.
He is proposing an alternative ideology of perception in regards to hylomorphism and that practitioners try to impose the visions internal to their mind upon the material world.

An artefact (Pot) is grown within a mesh work of relations.

Tim Ingold’s ‘Bringing Things to Life’

What does he mean by the words ‘Thing’ and ‘Object’? What is being Argued? What is being proposed instead?

If we talked about an object as if it was a thing/experience which is an intertwining connection between nature rather than an object, something you can separate or use to furnish a room.

everything is an object until it becomes a Thing, for example a house is just an object until you live in it, then it becomes a thing

Object – The object presented as finished, taken out of it’s processes of life.

Thing – The object with it’s gathering of lives, it’s thinginess / hybrids of materials things animals humans etc.


Material – Plastic
Colour – White
The spoon is only the way it is because of gravity
it is a mould of melted down plastic
able to function in certain ways but not others
can withstand high temperatures
would snap if you tried to use it for heavier foods such as ice cream
disposable usually for one time use





























Mind Your Own Business – Brand Building

In today’s session we came together to progress in branding our Company that we named Onyx.

After brainstorming our values and the possible Ideas that we had for our product were, a custom drinks holder, Phone cases, Clothing, Sketchbooks, Water bottles, Custom Jacket patches, Stickers and Pencil Cases.

We decided our final product was going to be ‘Tool Cases’ which will be like pencil cases but will be adaptable for all sorts of different courses and requirements, for students who want to keep their stationary in, ceramic students to store their tools, even dentistry students to keep their apparatus in, or possibly even as a toiletry/overnight pack for light travel.

We were inspired by leather rolls usually used in the wood working industry and thought we could make a more tailored and unique alternative that makes the owner stand out from the crowd when it comes to expressing themselves through their belongings.