Archaeologies of the Unseen – Thinking Through Drawing

Today we were analysing thinking through drawing and how the way we view the world, and the difference between an image you see and a drawing of the same image, the drawing is just a composition of shapes, it isn’t the same image but you may still see it that way, it may have the same features in your mind but other’s will view it in their own individual way.

for example if you draw a smiley face on a piece of paper it’s not actually a face it’s the way you think personally embodied in that drawing. it’s technically a circle two dots and a small curved line but visualising it people don’t see it that way they see a face, they can read the emotion is drawings to find it’s representative image in their minds through visualisation.


Future Generations – Activity Day

Today in our second day of the future generations week we were split off into interdisciplinary groups to complete group tasks to promote working better as a team, our first task was to get a gold ball across the room into a bucket only using half cut pipes, we were not allowed to move our feet whilst the ball is in our pipe and we weren’t allowed to touch the ball with out hands, we found that if we clamped the ball between two pipes then passed it across to the next person the ball wouldn’t move and we could easily pass it across to the bucket.

For our second challenge we were tasked to find a way to drop an egg off a flight of stairs without it cracking, we were given some paper tape, a piece of paper and some string, we decided it would be best to create a padded capsule for the egg to sit in by crushing up pieces of paper and tape to create some soft padding , we then put this bunch of paper inside the cardboard tape roll then wrapped the tape around further with the string to form a sphere.

Our capsule was a success and we were the only group who ended up completing the task without breaking the egg, we made sure that we all collaborated and agreed on a plan that everyone was happy with before we began assembling our piece, we felt that if we all came together and contributed with valuable input then we would definitely complete the tasks throughout the day successfully.

In the afternoon we had a peaceful walk to the local cathedral and through it’s gardens where we appreciated the local surroundings, took in the environment tried to appreciate or surroundings by looking into natural more than we usually would.


Future Generations – Lectures

Today I took part in three lectures, the first one being “Into the woods” this lecture deeply intrigued me as someone who is very attuned to the environment and believes that it should have a bigger role in modern society, we explored the ideas of nature as an antidepressant, a creative stimulus and even a form of healing.
Being attuned and interacting with the environment has benefits to humans mentally and physically, we discussed that it also helps students to clear their mind and think more creatively and freely in order to truly represent their feelings in their work.

We talked about Fab Lab and it’s beneficial contribution to modern society with it’s 3D printing of prosthetic limbs and it’s eco friendly work to create fantastic self sufficient architecture all across the world.

My second lecture was to do with the pollution and overfishing of our oceans and the negative effects that this has on the world with the incredible overfishing problems the earth already has. This wasn’t a very gripping lecture but it was very informative lecture to raise awareness to important issues that we are faced with in the modern world.

The final lecture of the day was a fantastic and very interactive, inspirational talk from an entrepreneur, David hiut, who had an incredible story about his life and how he came to be where he is today selling his high quality hand made jeans globally and innovating wherever he can, he gives small people the chance to do big things with a big company.
He definitely inspired me to expand my horizons and not to hold back on any hard to reach goals I set myself in life, to reference the phrase he used a lot throughout the talk, “interesting things happen when you do interesting things” David was a very insightful and humble person to listen to and was by far the highlight of the day, he left the majority of us inspired and gave me a spring in my step when I thought about future prospects I may encounter if I carry on working with ambition.


Campaign Project – Placards

Today we were given a presentation on placards, how they are used in society for uses such as protesting and advertisement campaigns, we were tasked in small groups to create a placard to address a current event issue that the world is faced with, in our group we chose terrorism and the UK bombing Syria as our topic and came up with a slogan that we felt would work as an argument against bombing.


I feel that this exercise has left me in good stead going in to my collaborative project, it will help us to represent our feelings with slogans in short effective statements.