Exhibition – Final Outcome & Review

I am very happy with my final exhibition piece, this project was probably my favourite out of all the work I have done this year, mainly because it has a lot of personal value whilst simultaneously showing off the style of design I am really passionate about.
I feel as though I have created a visually inviting layout with structure and balance, as well as providing a positive message with my work. I tried my best to show ambition by combining experimentation, thorough research and expressive photography to create a piece that comes together and forms a complete well contextualized message.


I would like to work further on this project and create some more publications like this, but I would be a lot more expansive on the content and try to create some inspiring content to help people suffering from depression, whether it’s through further personal experimentation or adding interviews from other people willing to discuss this sensitive subject.


FMP – Final Outcome and Review

These are the completed, printed out designs for my final major project. I will be displaying these pieces in the CSAD exhibition.


I am very pleased with the result of this brief, and feel as though I answered the brief I set myself appropriately, and with ambition. I feel as though the ability to incorporate my design interests with content that reflects a very personal side of my life, as well as spreading a positive message has helped me improve as a designer throughout this project.

I am proud of the designs that I have produced and I feel as though they encapsulate where I am at as a designer, and because of this I have gained a boost to my inspiration for creating editorial design and making creative photography. Over the past year I haven’t really felt motivated, but finding design aspects and aesthetics that have really peaked my interest, really inspired me to go further with this project. I do also feel regret that I wasn’t as inspired to be ambitious for some of my other projects but this has resulted in a positive learning experience that has given me a bit of a push to go back and improve my past work.

Exhibition – Getting my designs confirmed for display

Today I got the black and white tiled prints ready to get my exhibition layout confirmed by my tutor David. he provided me with some feedback on what I had produced, confirmed that my work was ready after I made a few small adjustments to the page numbers in my FMP editorial as well as a few small layout adjustments. I made sure to make those changes right away and then sent all my designs off to be printed, ready for displaying next week.

This is how I intend to display my work, with vinyl lettering printed behind the posters, as well as a small shelf to prop my magazine design upright.


Design for real – Final Outcome and Review

This is my final outcome for the design for real brief.

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Overall I was moderately satisfied with the outcome for the Derwen brief, after being able to go back and improve the project I was  a little happier with it. In my opinion the group aspect really brought down the quality of this project, having two group members that showed no dedication or initiative held the three of us who wanted to create something ambitious and effectively answer the brief.

I would have preferred to work in smaller design teams with a focused goal, allowing the group members who attended our mentor meetings and group discussions to make headway on a project without having to wait 2 weeks for one simple magazine spread to be made.

Even though we had these issues I felt as though my personal section of the submission, the App design came out very well, I was confused by the feedback provided by the client, to our tutor, because during the talk with us at the end of the presentation they said that they  relished the idea of having an application, and even voiced their thoughts about possibly having a second application for Derwen themselves, as well as the Gaer.

I improved the app, as well as improving the magazine with my more dedicated and reliable group member, Connor. I felt as though the improvements that were made definitely enhanced the project from the previous submission, creating a more consistent and more aesthetically pleasing design outcome.



Exit Strategy – Statement

After I leave university I would like to follow a career path in education, but I don’t want to go straight back to university to do my Post-Compulsory Education and Training (PCET). I also want to travel and visit Asia so I looked into some schemes and found a company called Interac, a company that lets you become an assistant language teacher in Japan. I feel as though this would be perfect for me, letting me gain teaching skills, and granting me the ability to travel to Japan, a country with design principals that have heavily inspired my FMP.

I would use this opportunity to envelop myself in the culture and absorb as much as I can in the world of Japanese design, whilst simultaneously providing myself with some teaching skills, ready for when I feel ready to go back to university and earn my PCET.

Professional Practice – Review

Overall the professional practice module has been very informative and has benefited me by expanding my outcome on how real world design companies operate as well as learning to value myself and be confident when trying to get/sell work.

I learnt a lot about business from Dewi, and as a result of this feel inspired to create a business of my own one day. Before I do that I intend on following the career path I began looking into in my exit strategy, teaching.

I tried to start this career off by applying for an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in Japan with a company called Interac and my application was approved, I am so excited to attend my interview on the 28th and using the tips I have learnt from all the afterlife and professional practice presentations, I feel as though I am confident  enough to do well in my interview and hopefully earn my place as an ALT. The job will last 5 Months, and start in August 2018, I hope that this experience will be valuable in helping me get some teaching experience before I return to the UK in pursuit of my PTEC teaching award.

Professional practice was a big factor in making me think about what I really want to do because at first I was unsure but had thoughts about running a business, but now I am 100% sure on the path I want to take and would like to gain some more industry and technical knowledge before coming back to the idea of being self employed.

Exhibition set up – Preparing walls taping & painting

Today I went in to University to help set up the exhibition space for our CSAD show, we sanded down any bumps on the walls, filled in any holes and covered any nails with tape before painting them all with a few coats of white paint so that the space looks clean. It was nice to see that everyone wanted the exhibition to look as good as possible so that all our work stands out prominently in a clean, well organised environment.